Frequently Asked Questions

  • Welcome to WishBucket

    It began with an idea and is now a service used by thousands to “make their wish happen”. Sparked by the old fashion idea of gathering invited guests, family, friends, work colleagues and even communities to unite and chip into the one bucket so that together they all can make possible someone’s Wish come true. Enjoy, and best of luck with your WishBucket!

  • Who is WishBucket?

    WishBucket is an Australian on-line gifting platform established to help make peoples wishes and community goals come true. Our service will work with you to raise money for a special event through ‘Supporters’ that you may or may not know. With WishBucket, now wishes and goals can come true.

  • Why use WishBucket?

    Because it is simple and it works! WishBucket has been modeled on an old fashion idea that someone in your family would have used at one point in time.

    Rather than receiving many small gifts, (of which some may even be re-gifted) your invited guests can now contribute easily and on-line to one marvelous gift. Imagine all your guests contributing to something you really want, something you may need, something you will remember them by and importantly, something your guests know you will actually value!

  • What is WishBucket?

    WishBucket is simply a registry of money that is protected by using a secure independent third party.

    -- Takes away the stress for guests who do not know what to buy you.
    -- Relieves you of embarrassment when your "Wish" may be out of someone's individual budget.
    -- Creates a possibility to realise your "Wish".
    -- Is easily accessible to anyone of your "Supporters" around the world.
    -- Brings together a community and creates a sense of achievement.

  • What Can WishBucket Be Used For?

    WishBucket can be used for something you might need, something you value or as a community, something you would like to accomplish.

    Some events WishBucket has successfully been used for include:

    -- a birthday party and a special birthday gift from everyone; like a bicycle, tablet, smartphone etc.
    -- a religious celebration or anniversary – Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, silver wedding etc.
    -- an end of year ‘thank you’ to a teacher or coach for all their work and support during the year!
    -- a school fundraiser to raise money for new sports equipment, musical instruments or special event.
    -- A safe wedding ‘wishing well’ – don’t have all that money sitting there all night!

    All in all, the list of events WishBucket can be used for are those events that occur in everyone’s life at one point in time and to sit back and watch that wish come true because of your friends, family or community contribution is extraordinary!

  • Ideas for your WishBucket

    Raising funds for musical or sporting equipment at your school. WishBucket can contact busy parents of the school, explain the fundraising and ask for their contribution so they too can become a ‘Supporter’ of a bigger picture. You won’t need to know them, you just need to know their email. If they forget, don’t worry, WishBucket will send them friendly reminders!

    But I want a party and a bike for my birthday! (Make that dream gift happen.) Use WishBucket to invite your friends and family to contribute towards the gift really wanted for that special occasion rather than receiving many smaller gifts. Now, even wishes that once seemed impossible or distant can become possible.

    Let’s buy the boss a retirement present! Nowadays, not all staff can be found sitting behind a desk. So, rather than you waste time trying to convince people of your idea and then have to chase them for the money, WishBucket will do this all for you. And, at the end, when you are ready to convert the amount raised into a ‘Gift Voucher’ or wonderful gift, WishBucket will send out a ‘Thank You’ as well!

    I think we should all buy the coach/teacher a gift. (Let’s all say ‘Thank you’)
    With WishBucket you can instantly reach parents you may not even know and include them in your idea.
    WishBucket will then explain your idea to them, give them a link to your page and invite them to send their own personal message to the teacher or coach. In the end, the teacher receives a wonderful gift or gift voucher, parents feel they have all worked together to accomplish something special, and you feel great because your idea has been a major success and yet pretty effortless!

    Let’s contact everyone we know to buy things for the baby! (bring friends together) WishBucket can act as the central registry where people from all around Australia or the world can send their monetary gift. Much cheaper than sending gifts via post! Those you invite, your ‘Supporters’, will receive a link to the page where they too can view how much money has been raised for the occasion. This is much safer than holding onto the money until it needs to be used for the gift or gifts. And just think, no double up of presents, no hassle and no stress!

  • How is WishBucket different?

    WishBucket is gives you the option of being a public or private registry. If public, then anyone can view your page and contribute towards your wish. However, if you choose to stay private then WishBucket is also designed for personal funding through those you know. So, only your friends and family will be able to view and add messages to your personalised page.

  • Who Can be a WishBucket "Creator"?

    Anybody who wishes to create a personal registry for an event, special gift or community fundraiser and anybody holding an Australian Bank account can be an ‘WishBucket’ creator.

    Please check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

  • Who Can Be A "Supporter"?

    There are no limitations to the amount of people you can invite to your WishBucket dream. Supporters can be from within Australia and from overseas as international credit cards are accepted at WishBucket. However, as a ‘Creator’ you need to have an Australian bank account to set up a WishBucket account.

  • Is There Something WishBucket Cannot Be Used For?

    Yes. WishBucket is not a commercial site for charities, nor is it a site to sell items or ideas.
    Please read our Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy for more information.

  • How does it work?

    WishBucket is an up-to-date version of an old concept. It is incredibly simple but hugely effective. As a ‘Creator’, you simply create an account, set up your project description, and then an email will be sent to all the contacts you included in the project. WishBucket acts as the collection point for all those donations, pledges or gifts. At the end of your calendar date, the money raised will be transferred directly to your bank account.

  • How many people can I invite to my WishBucket?

    There are no limitations on the amount of people, ‘Supporters’, you can invite to your WishBucket dream. Supporters can be from within Australia and from overseas as international credit cards are accepted at WishBucket.

  • Will my page be personalised?

    Yes! As you are setting up your WishBucket page, you will be prompted to add a photo, a title, a message for your invitees and then choose your colour scheme. Your guests or pledgers will also be given an option to leave their personalised message, photo, or choose from a selection of images.

  • More information for the Organiser, the "Creator":

    -- A person wishing to create a registry or create an account is called a ‘Creator’.
    -- Select your email list of invited guests or donors. Upload this list of email addresses into your WishBucket account. A message will be then sent to those on the list, inviting them on your behalf to contribute and advising what they are contributing towards.
    -- Alternatively, WishBucket provides a link to your WishBucket page that you can send to your invited guests via email, a tweet, or updated Facebook status.
    -- WishBucket can either be a public or private social media platform. If private, only those invited or who have been given your access code, will be able to access any of the details of your group collective venture.
    -- WishBucket is safe and secure and you no longer need to worry about misplacing money or remembering who donated what.
    -- WishBucket will send out general reminders to all ‘Supporters’ rather than you having to chase each and every one individually.
    -- WishBucket will accept pledges or gifts from most credit and debit card companies.

  • More information for the "Supporter":

    -- Simply search for the registry you have been invited to. If it is a private campaign, then enter the access code issued to you by the ‘Creator’ of the account to enter the page.
    -- You will be able to contribute to a very special gift that someone really wants and in some cases, couldn’t otherwise afford.
    -- Pledges or gifts can be made using most credit or debit card companies.
    -- The amount you give is confidential – only the project creator can see the size of your donation.
    -- Along with your donation, WishBucket gives you the opportunity to leave a personal message as well as upload a photo onto the ‘Creators’ private page. If you don’t wish to leave a photo, don’t worry, you may choose from a selection of beautifully designed images.

  • What personal information is shared with WishBucket?

    The same information you would give to register most accounts. Your name, age, address, email address, bank account details and passwords are all that are required. In addition, all information left with WishBucket is safely encrypted. None of your personal information is shared with any other sites or third parties.

  • Is it really that easy to set up an account?

    Yes! It’s simple and should take you less than five minutes to set everything up.

  • How safe is it to use WishBucket?

    Our site has SSL 256 bit encryption to ensure all “Creators’” and “Supporters’” data is safe and secure. All credit card information is processed via a third party payment provider. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement for further information.

    All credit card information is processed via a secure third party payment gateway provider. We have secure internal processes and external fraud protection measures in place to ensure the total protection of your details.

  • How will people find out about my fundraising campaign?

    Simple! On your WishBucket page, upload a database of friends and acquaintances you want notified about your fundraising campaign and WishBucket will ensure they are told all about it. For those who may then forget about it, WishBucket will send reminders to jog their memory and that your campaign is coming to an end. WishBucket will contact only those put on your list. However, if you are happy to reach further afield, you can add a status update using your Twitter, Facebook accounts with a link to your WishBucket page along with the access code providing you set your filters to ‘friends only’ who can see your Social Network pages. If you set up a private page, the access code will allow your friends to enter your WishBucket page but not view individual contributions or your personal information.

  • Is WishBucket open to anyone to donate to a campaign?

    Yes and no. If a WishBucket registry has been set up as a public account, it can be viewed by the public and anyone can contribute to the campaign. However, the ability to set up a private registry is what also makes WishBucket so special. If the registry has been set up as a private campaign, then, only those who are invited by the campaign ‘Creator’ will be able to view the registry and contribute. This feature is there if you prefer to keep your event private and invite only those people you want invited.

  • How do I access the project if the link is broken?

    We will always do our best to make sure you have uninterrupted access to your account. However certain aspects can be beyond our control, so as a precautionary measure, you can access your account using the project name you set it up under, or by using the code provided with your confirmation email when the project had been created.

  • Are there any hidden costs or fees?

    No. We are very transparent at WishBucket. It is free to set up an account and create a WishBucket registry. It is 2.1% + AUD $1.85 for a transaction of up to $100. For a transaction of more than $100, our service fee becomes a simple flat fee of 5%.

    This small fee is used to cover credit and bank charges, website maintenance, security, promotion, PR and all else needed for WishBucket to continue servicing communities and helping reduce the stress of collecting monies for a group.

    From experience, using WishBucket is often less than buying a card, paper and ribbon.

  • How will I know who has contributed to my fundraising campaign?

    Each project ‘Creator’, by using their unique confidential code, will be able to view a list of ‘Supporters’ names, email addresses and their amount donated.