It started with …..

….. an idea that sprouted when our year 6 students wished for a graduation party. As parents we were excited to be part of this major event. Excited to be part of their dream and their growing up. Full of enthusiasm, we decided to work together to raise the money, and make this the best graduation party ever.

So into a ‘wish bucket’ we poured our thoughts and into the hands of
Mrs Bedwin we placed our envelopes to pay for important things such as ‘the actual meal’. Well, that’s what was suppose to happen. But, it soon became apparent that some parents forgot …..or didn’t have the money at the time….. or just didn’t see the brightly coloured notes in their ‘child’s hand’ at ‘pick up!’

Time was running short and the dream was far from a reality. So we began the process of personally reminding, collecting and even chasing (down the street) money from individual parents. It really was no fun at all, and much too difficult!

But out of every stressful situation, something is learnt. And so is born WishBucket. Hooray! (maybe your reaction) however, ours was more like; Finally! Named after our trusty wish bucket that we keep just to remind us of the dark days.

WishBucket is for people like yourself who don’t have the time, capacity or energy to chase promises. It is for people who have a ‘wish’ but can only make it come true with the help of everyone they know uniting. It is for people who want to be part of a dream, who are happy to help make someone’s wish become a reality. It is for people who feel they too have achieved by being part of “making it happen!”

And in case you were wondering… it was the best graduation party ever!