Make It Happen

Create a Win-Win for Everyone


  • Before you set up an account, have a look a public registry. See what others are doing.
  • Choose good photos. After all, a good photo can ‘tell a thousand words’.
  • Have ready your list of e-mail addresses to upload and have WishBucket send out a direct link to your page.
  • Set up your profile page on WishBucket so that when it comes to transferring your funds, it’s quick and simple.


  • Be honest and sincere in your message.
  • Don’t select your Final End Date as your actual event date. There will always be someone running late!
  • If you have a target, be realistic.

Get it Going

  • Choose a name of your account that is familiar to everyone you are inviting.
  • Be creative on your page. Choose a background that suites.
  • Be proactive. We will send out invitations to your WishBucket Page with your direct link and access code but you too can add your direct link or access code to your WishBucket page in your invitations, on your social media page or even within your own email message.

Win-Win for everyone

  • Let your Supporters know how their grouped effort went!
  • Be grateful to your Supporters. Thank them publically on Facebook or send them a personal message with photo.
  • Print out your Supporters photos and messages.