Why WishBucket it?

Because WishBucket is a solution and a place for friends, family or colleagues to gather together and be part of something special. Sparked by the idea of everyone chipping in, WishBucket is simply an on-line version of what families did and have done for so many years.

WishBucket is different from other sites. It’s easy to use, free to set up an account and can be used for many types of occasions.

To organise a group “thank you” gift for a special teacher or coach. Imagine the time you will save!

To raise money to buy new school equipment or for that school graduation party. How stress free would it be for you when WishBucket will invite everyone on your list, keep track of parents who contributed and then deposit the money for you!

Perhaps to give your child a great birthday party and receive enough money to buy the gift too. Let’s imagine it’s your son or daughter’s birthday and you promised to buy that new bicycle. But he/she also really wants a birthday party with entertainment, cake, balloons and invite only very best friends which happen to be everyone in the classroom and… most of the neighbourhood too. Well, with WishBucket, the party can happen as well as the bike. Everyone invited will be happy to help and chip in towards a great present.

Or it might be Your birthday, wedding or special occasion and You would just like for all your guests to contribute towards something you’ve always wanted rather than receive many gifts that, well…. you may not really want, like or even need. WishBucket would be perfect because guests can contribute from anywhere in the world!

Here are just some of the many reasons why you can WishBucket it.

  •     Take away the stress of chasing people.
  •     Save time in organising.
  •     Make a dream come true or
  •     Take a chance at that bigger picture.

Unlike other crowd funding websites, WishBucket.com.au is:

  •     Free to sign up and free to create a registry.
  •     Transparent in fees. Our service fee is charged only to the contributor. It is 2.1% + AUD $1.85 for a transaction of up to $100. For a transaction of more than $100, our service fee becomes a flat fee of 5%. From my experience, this is less than buying a card, paper and ribbon. Much cheaper than registered post and much simpler than going out to find a gift.
  •     A great way to bring people together from all over the world and let them be part of something special.
  •     Fun to use with a selection of Avatars for anyone who doesn’t want to upload their personal photo.
  •     User friendly providing a secure environment for the authorization of credit card transactions. WishBucket.com.au uses a third party gateway service to provide a secure environment for the authorization of credit and charge card transactions. Confidential information including card details are encrypted using industry standard SSL 256-bit encryption technology.

WishBucket.com.au is a social gifting platform. Here you can quickly and safely gather your friends, family or work colleagues together from anywhere in the world. They simply add their gift into your WishBucket registry. Then, you transfer the collected funds into your bank account to put towards the Wish. Oh, and your guests can also leave a message that you can print out!

So sign up today and let WishBucket.com.au be the solution for that wish to come true, not just for yourself, but for everyone who takes part too!